Monday, May 20, 2013

new collection of products

Salone Satellite was amazing. I would like to share my products which I presented in Milan at Salone Satellite 2013.

The collection centers around wood, geometry, simplicity, function and illusion with an inspiration from industrial era. It consists of Bowlly side table, Crosswise Chair, Doodad Desk, Illu Plates, Natty desk lamp and organizer, Woodtrack floor lamp and Wirebird floor lamp.

Bowlly is a multifunctional side table, suitable for any imaginable space. The rotatable and removable bowls was inspired by vintage medical cabinets. If placed in kitchen- it could hold spices, in living room- flowers, in hallway- keys, in bedroom- jewelry. Materials: natural and painted basswood, painted metal.

Crosswise is s simple basswood chair with a playful twist to it. The idea of the back was inspired by industrial technical chair. The height of the back is easily changeable, or completely removable if needed. Materials: natural and painted basswood, fabric upholstery, painted metal details.

Doodad is a desk that derives from the inspiration from industrial metal table, and the willingness to merge technical with soft aesthetics in a simple, uncomplicated way. The intentionally visible bolts holding the structure together, draws back to industrial era, while choice of the main material and the details provides softness. The legs and the drawer are removable from the top. Materials: natural and painted basswood, fabric details.

Illu – a collection of handmade porcelain plates, in the shape of geometric figures, with hand drawn lines creating an illusion of nonexistent depth. Materials: painted porcelain.

Natty is a desk lamp and an organizer. The neck of the lamp is flexible and can be folded into diverse positions. The base provides different compartments for storage and organization. Materials: Basswood, painted metal details

WoodTrack floor lamp is inspired by the industrial track lights, which are always made of metal. The material is altered from metal to wood; the shape of the shade goes back to the basic track lights. Foldable floor lamp is made of basswood with painted metal details. It is a functional lighting piece, suitable for various interior spaces. Materials: basswood and painted metal.

Wire bird is a simple wire lamp with wooden details. Each lamp can be easily removed from the frame and placed elsewhere. Materials: painted metal, oak wood, resin details.

photos by Daro Sulakauri

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