Monday, May 20, 2013

my favorite salonesatellite 2013 products

I was truly inspired by the great design projects that fellow designers presented at SaloneSatellite this year.
I would like to share my favorite products that truly took my breath away, this year, once again, SaloneSatellite was the affirmation of the idea that it is the is the most creative, fresh and interesting section of Salone Del Mobile.

Canvas designed by YOY
Pencil Light designed by Caroline Olsson

After Image designed by Bomi Park

After Image designed by Bomi Park

Oma Floor lamp Designed by Katriina Nuutinen for Kaamos

Tatti containers Designed by Katriina Nuutinen for Kaamos
Globe Lights designed by Studio Vit
Terho pendants designed by Maija Puoskari
Curiosity designed by Twodesigners
Phases designed by Joa Herrenknecht
Tila designed by Joa Herrenknecht
Food storage designed by FridayProject
Fibonacci Cabinet designed by Utopia design studio 
Twig designed by Chad Wright

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