Tuesday, October 29, 2013

exploded chandelier

Exploded chandelier by Dutch designers Ward Van Gemert and Adriaan Van Der Ploeg.
I don't have any words, just stunned...

from http://mocoloco.com

absence of color

"...black has it all. white too. their beauty is absolute. It is a perfect harmony."-coco
I could not agree more!

from http://cocolapinedesign.com/

Sunday, October 27, 2013

home shelves

Home shelves designed by Kazakhstan designer Artem Zigert.
Home shelves consists of wooden base and metal frame and comes in different heights and sizes. 
"Often we love the things that belong to us so much that we put them on the same level as living beings. We fill things with souls, and every living being needs a home.By using such a naive approach we can show some care for things by giving them their own house."

from dezeen


Dining table
what more is there to be needed?
from http://s-i-m-p-l-i-c-i-t-e.tumblr.com

Friday, October 25, 2013

Aganovich S/S 2014

This is a new discovery for me.Selection of my favorite pieces from Aganovich S/S 2014.
What a stunning pieces!
I am obsessed with the first dress!

from http://fashionwirepress.com

Ia Kutateladze for New Light

I would like to share my new collection of lighting created for a lighting store in Tbilisi, Georgia- New Light.
The design process in Georgia is strangely fulfilling for me. I don't know how, but all the obstacles, all the limited resources, somehow appears to be a positive aspect of the whole process. It allows the special attachment and sentiment with my products. And somehow, in the end they all are the exact representation of my imagination, they are just what I imaged them to be. It is truly a magical feeling!

Ballon 1 pendant. Oak sphere and plastic shade. The shade is completely rotatable and removable from the sphere, you can easily change the light to the desirable orientation.

Ballon 2 is also made of oak sphere and white painted plastic, that is completely removable and rotatable. 

Ballon 3- oak sphere and black painted plastic.

Lightsha chandelier. Is a result of experimentation between shadow and light, white and black, simple surfaces and distinct lines. 

Lightsha floor lamp.

Lightsha pendant.

Seethrough 1 - a pendant made of natural oak wood and glass. The shape is simple,with an extruded volume. 

Seethrough 2.

Seethrough floor lamp, the shade suspended from the metal tube, which is a main element of the structure. Oak details, toggle switch.

Wirebird chandelier -one large and four smaller wood/wire cones grouped together.Oak wood and painted metal.

Wirebird floor lamp is a simple wire lamp with wooden details. Each lamp can be easily removed from the frame and placed elsewhere. Materials: painted metal, oak wood, resin details.
photos by Ani Svanidze.