Monday, July 25, 2011

Irakli Bugianishvili

Irakli Bugianashvili is an artist born in Tbilisi, Georgia, currently living and working in 
Düsseldorf. He concentrates on painting, collages and photography. I love the sense of  mystery that each work carries, it reveals great deal of social and cultural character and at the same time it holds back alot of information that is left for the viewer for the interpretation. 

Untitled, oil on canvas 2011

Cotton Field, Oil on Canvas 2008

Dream III, Oil on Canvas 2008

Untitles (Behind Glass) Oil on Canvas, 2008

The lost ones, Oil ,Application, Canvas, Wood 2010

Untitled, Photo, Watercolors on Paper 2010

The lost ones, Photo Collage, Watercolors on Paper 2010

The lost ones, Photo collage, watercolors on paper 2010

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