Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fabian Haeusermann

Great work by Fabian Haeusermann.

"My works are usually based on clear geometric shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles... No matter how many details the image contains: It should be based on a clear composition. I like the combination of details / fine textures and clear geometric shapes. I prefer to have a vision of the geometric composition before I start to draw. Most images are concentric, they have a clear center. I also like symmetry. I try to use as little colors as possible. Colors should have a clear function, a symbolic meaning instead of just beeing sweet and decorative.
I also like to use the computer to downsize what I’ve drawn on paper, then print the reduced size version on a new A4 paper and go on drawing ...As soon as I’ve filled the new A4 paper I downsize and print it again etc. etc." -Fabian Haeusermann

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