Monday, April 2, 2012


My apartment is finally ready to be shared.
The overall space of 92 square meters is very open and light with white walls and wooden flooring, I tried not to load it with lots of furniture pieces, only the ones that are useful. Some of the furniture pieces are designed by myself, like the cabinet and  the coffee table in the living room, the buffet in dining space and the bedside tables in the bedroom. Most of the lighting pieces are also designed by myself. I found the armchairs and the dining table in the second hand antique shop. The bed and the sofa was custom made locally. The dining chairs doesn't need introduction, they are my favorite pieces of the apartment, took a long time for them to get to Georgia, but they are so worth it!
There are lots of little details that I would like to add, but it's inevitable with new spaces, eventually it will be completed.
The renovation and the design process took a long time, it was quite consuming, but I'm very happy with the end result.

Photos by my dearest friend Ana Gvazava.

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