Thursday, November 17, 2011

tips for small bathrooms

I read amazing post on schoener-wohnen which included the tips for designing small bathrooms. It was helpful for me because both of my bathrooms are quite small,so I decided to share them with you.
Open shower spaces make small bathrooms look bigger, so try to avoid putting baths in small bathrooms.
The cross standing furniture in a long and narrow bathroom is always a barrier, the tighter the sanitary ware, sinks, etc are kept, better visual depth it gives to the viewer.
It always helps to use natural colors and materials, like wood and natural stones. Tiles in natural colors reflect the light more.
Artificial lighting is also very important for small bathrooms, diversity of lighting is very crucial for small spaces, ceiling, wall, floor lights could be applied together to create depth in the space.
Small bathroom enlarges a lot when the same material for the walls and flooring are applied.
Using mirror applications in unusual places also always is a plus for small spaces, and bathrooms are no exception. It doubles the space and creates optical illusions.

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