Tuesday, May 6, 2014

outer space

Mark Whalen, Australian born artist currently residing in LA.
I am absolutely amazed by each and every single of his piece.

from http://www.markwhalenart.com/


Camp table lamp and table designed by Stephanie Hornig

from http://thisispaper.com/

ia kutateladze at salone satellite 2014

I created new collection that I have presented at SaloneSatellite in April, 2014. 
The main concept of the collection is dematerialization. It represents the study of different material and style in close contact with each other, refined artisan woodworking contrasted with easy, simple and cheap material. I tried to form the clash of characteristics in one product, creating vivid contrast that questions the controversies: elaborated or easy, recycled or wasted, effortless or intricate. While elaborated traditional craftsmanship could be appealing for some people, products created by recycled, easily constructed and cheap materials could serve for the same exact function and purpose. 
I wanted to investigate the psychological process that every single person goes through during our everyday lives; the endless process of choosing from the array of choices, which is often stimulated by the unclear vision of wanting vs. needing, do we need the endless universe of various common objects, or do we just crave them?
The one side of the coffee tables 'Dema' is more complex, requiring intricate process of manual elaboration on a beautiful but not so cheap material- natural wood, while the other side of the table uses the economical material- particle board, which is most commonly used for hidden, beneath construction and rarely shows its true face on the end product. Usually, if the particle board is used for the construction of an object, it is covered by the veneer in order to stimulate the look of solid wood. 

The 'Ebb' pendants also represents the willingness to eliminate, to minimize the loss of the material, while maintaining the shape and size of the created product. It is the mix of two different ways of creating the same shape within one object; solid and outline. Another version of 'Ebb' pendant is made of molded plaster mixed with sawdust. 

'Electrolier' chandelier creates the vivid contrast in itself, questioning if we need the intricate design, or the simple and basic -which serves for the same exact purpose could be better?

'Kartuli' is a printed rug using old Georgian ornament

Handmade terracotta 'Shandali' candle holders 

photos by Ani Svanidze ©

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Mareunrol's is a Latvian design collaboration between Marite Mastina and Rolands Peterkops.
Their 2014/2015  men's autumn winter collection is just surreal. I love every single thing about it, starting from colors, fabrics, beautiful details and ease. Generally, I'm fond of menswear, that's what I wear half of the time, I would wear this whole collection with pleasure!
and the hats.. oh the hats..

from http://www.fold.lv/

Sunday, April 27, 2014

kitchen inpirations

Beautiful kitchens from all over the world. Some of them simple and uncomplicated, some- eclectic and full with details. All of them -stunning!

sources 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Medallion Mirrors by Rooms

I absolutely love these Medallion Mirrors by Rooms, which was exhibited at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during the design week. Unfortunately couldn't go see them, due to the hardship of being only one at my stand.
But I totally had to share them with you.

photos by Ana Tsitsishvili and Sandro Takaishvili